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What do the best mobile design agencies have in common

Ben Obear
July 27, 2015

More and more people use mobile devices for their daily computing needs. People are turning to their smart phones and tablets for things they would have use to use their desktop or laptop for. This is due both to mobile devices being more convenient and cheaper than their stationary counterparts. This tectonic shift in consumer computing habits is having a transformative impact on many aspects of the digital commerce.

One of the things that people and companies have to look at is how they interact with their customers in the digital market place. The interface of mobile technology is different than the traditional PC display. The smaller screen and likely lessor computing power of mobile devices make the traditional webpages burdensome and harder to use.

This has resulted in companies racing to develop mobile applications that are more compatible with mobile devices. Overnight a new industry has popped up to help generate mobile applications to fill a desperate market need. However, in being a new industry with new players, it is hard to know who to trust if you’re a company looking for help to present your brand through mobile technology. It is a new world with lots of unfamiliar names. Below we have listed some of the key things to look for in mobile application development companies that are all hallmarks of the kind of partner you are going to want to work with.

A Track Record of Success

Just because it is a new industry does not mean experience does not matter. Like anything you want someone who has a track record of success working with a variety of different companies and producing successful results. Gaging a mobile application developer’s track record can be a bit of a chore but is none the less doable. Trying going to different websites and industry pages to look for reviews or there is the time old option of asking for a referral. Given how important having good mobile technology is you do not want to be someone’s first trip to the rodeo.

A Focus on Your Bottom Line

Like everything in business your mobile application development needs to be results driven. It is easy to get drugged down a rabbit hole in this field and that will cost you time and more importantly money. You need to look for a company that can understand your business and what you need and have a lazar like focus on getting done what you need. They need to be able to understand the unique nuances of your business, your customers, and the market you compete in. Getting the right mobile app is by no means a one size fits all situation and you need a developer who not only knows that but lives that.

Data Driven

This goes hand and hand with the previous criteria. With all the new ways of gathering information there is no excuse for making uniformed decisions. A developer should be able to look at previous results and performances to guide in the development of your mobile applications. They should know what has worked well for other companies similar to yours and come up with a plan that is informed by that information. This also means that they can look at the results and feedback you received after the applications deployment and make adjustments to optimize your applications performance based off of that information.

A Collaborative Partner

This is key to optimizing your mobile applications performance. You need a partner who will communicate with you to understand your unique needs. What is key to that is understanding the two way process of communication. You are the expert on your business and they are the expert on the technology. That understanding will create the synergy necessary to achieve the results that you desire. You have to be able to build off of each other’s’ ideas.

Higher Energy People

The process of development and optimization of applications can be pain shaken and tedious. You need a person who will go the extra mile and has a self-expectation of creating excellence. The process of development and improvement never ends and you need people who will strive to create a better and better experience for your customers. They need to know what they are doing and love doing it.


This goes hand and hand with the previous criteria. In the fast pace world of today’s digital marketplace there is no room for procrastinators. You need someone who gets task done quickly and is quick to return your communications. If someone is missing deadlines and sandbagging it is probably a sign of more trouble to come.


By doing your research and understanding what you are looking for you will be well on your way to finding the right partner in developing great mobile applications to enhance your customers’ experience. The above are all a list of things to look for when you are doing your homework.

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