Product Designer

We Are CognitiveClouds

At CognitiveClouds, we solve big problems through small screens. By constantly honing our craft and keeping our toolbox full we want to become extensions of great product teams and create more happiness in the world around us. We focus our attention in the mobile space, creating iOS & Android apps, mobile & responsive sites.

A CognitiveClouds Designer

As a Cognitive designer, you’re collaborating from the start. You’re present throughout the research and brainstorm process, so you're fully prepared when you begin to conceptualize, sketch, wireframe, and sketch some more. You turn wireframes into prototypes and prototypes into beautifully designed apps. By working closely with a UX Designer and the Development team, you never kiss your designs goodbye and hope for the best; you continually iterate your work and see to it that they’re implemented to perfection. Teamwork!

  • Send weekly updates on overall relationship, health of the account and incremental opportunities
  • Aid in QA/Testing/Reporting with QA team
  • Create Roadmap deliverables with Strategy, Product and Design teams
  • Drive timeline along with Product team to ensure goals are met
  • Identify KPIs for products (and drive consensus with stakeholders)
  • Identify new opportunities for the team on existing product engagement (features, platforms, etc)
  • Manage contract development and overall work with finance on billing process for account
  • Regular stakeholder meetings & Client visit prep
  • Set up team outings

Must Haves

  • You have a proven track record of solid visual design and a deep understanding of how the experience of mobile applications should work and feel.
  • You have experience building mobile products from either a startup or agency environment, and a desire to claim full and personal ownership of the work you do.


  • You have proven experience with native mobile/tablet product design
  • You can work iteratively developing user flows, wireframes and prototypes to help define the product’s experience with your team
  • You can translate those user flows, wireframes and prototypes into beautiful visual designs and user interfaces
  • You are confident presenting your work to the team and the client, and can defend your design choices when critiqued
  • You place an emphasis on detail, organization and consistency
  • You are up to date on the latest trends, methods, and tools in mobile product design and regularly consume blogs, books and articles related to your expertise
  • You are excited to collaborate and experiment with new ideas and approaches to unique challenges
  • You are an active member of the web industry and attend meetups, conferences, etc

About CognitiveClouds

CognitiveClouds is built on an open culture foundation where opinion and feedback has equal value regardless of source, title or seniority. A no-nonsense company, our community of brilliant thinkers and doers value each other’s thoughts, which drive the products and processes of tomorrow.

Improvements to process roll out upon validation and we place equal value on ideas from new assistants to seasoned engineers because we believe working smarter gives us time to innovate and do our best work. Regular company updates focus on transparent communication about what’s happening, where we’re headed and why.

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