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5 Ways How a Restaurant Mobile Application Can Grow Your Business

Prasanna Gopinath
July 15, 2019

It seems that today we have a mobile app for everything. From recognizing songs to creating grocery shopping lists, we’re so attached to our mobile devices, that we want them to be able to do it all. In fact, the number of smartphone users across the globe was expected to top 3 billion last year. It’s obviously an industry that shows no signs of slowing down.

It’s a common belief that mobile app development is expensive, so before considering building one, it might be a good idea to take a look at some of the common mobile app development myths.

The restaurant market, in particular, is a very competitive space, no matter if it’s fast food, dining or QSR. On the other hand, restaurants have extremely high conversion rates when it comes to mobile apps. The market share of restaurant-related apps in recent years has grown significantly, raising the demand for restaurant mobile app development.

Some benefits of mobile apps for restaurants include making reservations, availing loyalty and reward programs, acquiring coupons, offering feedback, posting on social media pages and scanning QR codes to take users to a site without writing any letters.

If that’s not enough, we’ll give you some proven reasons why you need to develop a mobile app for your restaurant and how can it grow your business.


The main thing modern customers look for is convenience. If you can provide that, you can grow your business easier than you think. With the help of top mobile app developers, your app can help to create a seamless and convenient experience for your customers.

Mobile payments, for instance, are among the most convenient features for clients, especially considering that most of them use their smartphones while they’re in a restaurant. You can provide them with the ability to wave their phone in front of the POS and the transaction is done, without having to dig for cash or credit cards.

Furthermore, you can add an option of ordering in advance. This saves a lot of time for your customers as they can make their order while they’re on their way to your restaurant and it would already be done once they get there.

Customer Reviews

A restaurant mobile app should also serve as a tool to encourage customers to leave reviews. If you prefer, you can allow your customers to leave reviews within the application, or you can direct them to a public business profile.

However, you’d probably like to have more reviews on well-developed business listings like TripAdvisor, instead of only within your app. You can do this through it as well. You can have the mobile app development company include a feature that would ask customers if they want to leave a review and when they click yes, they’ll be redirected to the profile you want them to leave it, while still creating a seamless experience to your customers.

Keep in mind that if you’re going to encourage reviews through your app, you must commit to responding to negative ones as well. Furthermore, you have to address them as they show where your business needs improvement.

Loyalty Programs

Naturally, more people will download a restaurant’s mobile app it involves loyalty programs, freebies or discounts. A great example of an app that uses these is the Starbucks app. In fact, it is the most regularly used loyalty rewards app (48%).

It provides the opportunity to receive a free coffee once you spend a certain amount of money. It also offers free goodies beyond drinks and that’s what excites customers and keeps them returning to the store.

Starbucks is a massive chain and can afford several gifts for its loyal customers. However, restaurants with smaller budgets can still replicate this model and desire to offer an in-depth and addictive app experience.

Remember that users highly appreciate freebies, even if you can rarely afford them. It’s among the best ways to engage your customers and make them frequently come back to your restaurant.

Increased Bookings and Orders

If you own a dining restaurant, you can include a reservation system in your mobile app. This gives customers the opportunity to easily book a table, which can increase the overall number of bookings you have. Knowing that people are less likely to call for reservations nowadays, so you have to make sure there are additional ways it can be booked.

Create an easy to fill the reservation system and don’t forget to offer alternate times if the selected time is already booked. Furthermore, your restaurant can have an ordering system that’s implemented in your mobile app as well. This makes it way easier for customers to make orders, especially when it comes to home deliveries.

Branding Opportunities

A mobile app offers the perfect opportunity to engage your customers. As mobile devices are always with us, an app helps to make sure that your consumers are constantly reminded of your brand. Having it installed on their phone is a daily reminder on its own, even if they aren’t that engaged with the app.

A mobile app is an essential reminder of your brand, even when a user just scrolls through his home screen. For that reason, you’ll need an eye-catching icon as well. It should reflect the branding in your restaurant locations so that people think of the exact place when they see it. An existence of your brand in devices people use all the time is enough even by itself.

Wrapping Up

Mobile technologies affect all aspects of our lives and all industries as well. The restaurant business isn’t left behind. In fact, it’s among those where the impact of mobile has become omnipresent.

Creating loyalty programs, implementing innovative POS systems and encouraging consumers to participate in content is essential if you want your restaurant to be up-to-date with the market and overcome competitors. As one of the leading mobile app development companies we can provide your business with an engaging app that exceeds customer expectations and helps it grow.

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