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7 Impressive Node Js Development Techniques That Will Make Your Website Stand Out

Prasanna Gopinath
August 23, 2019

Today, JavaScript still is the most-used language on GitHub. It is a continuous web development trend that always has been the starting point for many developers. A reason behind this rapid adoption of JavaScript is the influence of Node Js.

Node Js is a software platform used for building network applications in a faster and more scalable way. It’s based on the JavaScript engine and has gained popularity among the great number of enterprises in recent years. Node Js provides a non-blocking API and an event-driven architecture. It optimizes your app’s scalability and throughput. Node Js contains a built-in library, which allows apps to work like web servers without the software such as the Apache HTTP Server.

Web developers are expected to ship towards a unite web language more with Node Js leading this trend. For that reason, you should always be aware of the latest trends and best practices that will help you optimize a platform. That’s why we’ve created a list of seven impressive Node js development techniques that will make your website stand out.

Light Code

The world is becoming more mobile by a minute. That is why developers should pay particular attention to a mobile version of the website and make it as well-performing as possible. You should keep your Node Js codebase small and light to speed up the process.

In the development stage, think of all aspects like modules and frameworks in order to make it as simple as it could be. You can also do it by minifying and concentrating multiple JS files into a single one. If the app has three JavaScript files, for instance, the browsers will make separate to fetch them. It causes longer waiting times and even blocks. That’s why the best solution is to concatenate those three files into a single streamlined one.

Parallel Running

Mobile apps can often require multiple internal calls to APIs to fetch data. It can be addressed by requiring different middleware for every function. Nevertheless, JavaScript has an asynchronous component. It means that it can’t stop subsequent function calls from running until it finishes.

For that reason, you can use parallel features to optimize Node js development. Such a feature is async.js. It helps you manage the asynchronous JavaScript.

Check Error Scripts

The best way to check error scripts is logging. It ensures that your app program runs smoothly, without errors. If there’s something unusual, you’ll need to find out the reason for the error. Logging enables you to track activity and API process traffic.

The most popular and efficient modules for logging are Morgan and Winston. They give you the ability to use multiple means of transport at the same time, set the level for your logging message, and provide simple profiling.

Go Asynchronous

Being single-threaded Node Js has lots of synchronous components, which could lock up the entire app. Even if you try avoiding synchronous methods in your code, an external library that you might have been using can have a blocking callб and it significantly impacts the performance.

To avoid this, always use the asynchronous APIs in your code. Try to do it when choosing the third-party modules as well. It will ensure that the external library doesn’t revert to the synchronous calls.

Implement HTTP/2

IETF HTTP workgroup has now developed the newer web protocol standard called HTTP/2, it’s also known as SPDY. It makes a web browser work faster, simpler, and more robust. Its main focus is to improve performance and solve HTTP/1’s problems, of course. Node Js currently supports HTTP/2 and provides its implementations for core Node Js. In 2019, HTTP/2 has become an absolute must.

Analyze Your App

What you need is Real-Time Monitoring. That’s a third-party app, which allows admins to analyze and maintain the system and monitor the issues that could arise in the web app in real-time. This is essential because it allows you to respond to bugs or errors instantly.

The most famous tools that help you track activities quickly and reliably in Node Js are Stackify, LogicMonitor, and Newrelic. Real-time bug monitoring is crucial for the effectiveness and health of the Node js web app when multiple users access it.

Node Js Development For The Best Website

These are our seven tips that will help you develop an outstanding and well-performing website. If you have a business and want to improve its online presence, you might consider hiring a Node js development company as one of your best options.

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