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Benefits of Custom Software Development For Your Business

Nisha Gopinath Menon
March 7, 2022

To continue feeding the growing business needs of numerous organizations, software development companies strive to create innovative, state-of-the-art programs every day. They create standardized software applications called “Commercial off-the-shelf” (COTS) software, which can be used immediately. These applications are mass-produced and are designed to cater to a wide variety of clients needing convenient features for general purposes.

However, there are times when businesses require personalized software applications catering to their specific demands. For this, software development companies provide tailor-made software, also called “Bespoke Software,” modified according to their client’s needs.

While both kinds of software serve their respective purposes and are equally popular among businesses, the benefits of choosing a tailor-made application cannot be overlooked

Advantages of Custom Software

  1. Personalized solutions
  2. Customization is essential in maintaining the viability of the software to meet market demands. Custom software includes modified supporting tasks such as installation, update, performance tuning, and accessibility optimization.
  3. Software development consists of implementing the processes and methodologies per the client’s demand.A bespoke software goes through gathering requirements, code construction, testing, and deployment and uses methodologies like DevOps, Agile, Rapid Application Development (RAD) just like any other software development process.
  4. The different processes attached to custom software development include application customization, modernization, and management.
  5. At Cognitive Clouds, we focus on design-driven development using cloud computing, agile development methodologies, and strict timelines to create custom software for our customers. We develop innovative solutions to solve your complex management requirements. Click here to know more about our custom software solutions.
  6. Exclusivity
  7. It is a given that by investing in off-the-shelf software, there is no waiting time, and businesses get to use the product instantly, while custom software will take a few months to become ready for use.
  8. An advantage of custom software enjoyed by businesses is that it allows more scope of creativity, innovation, and uniqueness since the development process of custom software includes design, creation, formation, and maintenance while keeping a particular guideline, function, and purpose in mind.
  9. Additionally, custom software helps in improving customer satisfaction, increasing employee productivity, and efficient management of resources. Since no two businesses are identical, it is practical to choose applications that suit your business requirements exclusively.  
  10. Convenient integration
  11. There are times when integrating off-the-shelf software into the workforce is not as easy as it seems. With a hybrid infrastructure, there can be a lot of clashes between the OS and the terms and conditions of other applications. The software configuration takes a lot more time and resources than tailor-made software.
  12. However, this is hardly ever a problem with bespoke software since it is programmed to fit clients' systems. Convenient software integration allows companies to streamline their operations, automate workflows, ensure data safety and make informed business decisions.
  13. An additional benefit of custom-written software development is that customers can update their software without extensive investments and renewal periodic licenses.
  14. Efficient Scaling
  15. More often than not, off-the-shelf software is programmed to serve a set category of situations. It is not equipped to handle major changes or an extension in the software due to its launch of new products and services or a modification in the processes. Transferring data and incorporating personalized changes into COTS is costly and time-consuming since it is owned by the developer.
  16. The lack of room for personalization and customization in the software according to the growth of the business affects the overall productivity and competence. In our experience, a competitive business environment provides valuable features to employees to ease the workload and manage tasks faster.  
  17. For this reason, many businesses depend on tailor-made software for their administrative, economic, managerial tasks. The software is customized as per the business’s foreseeable growth and expansion. Software development companies mostly leave enough bandwidth in the application to make small changes as and when required. Not to mention, bespoke software encounters bugs or runtime errors due to scalability issues.
  18. Increase in employee engagement
  19. Not only does custom-developed software benefits businesses, but it also affects employee engagement and enthusiasm. It is essential for companies that depend on their software for productivity to invest in good-quality, well-developed, and personalized applications.
  20. Relying on off-the-shelf software for long-term, heavy usage, and extensive user count might not be a good idea since these applications don’t usually offer an exclusive range of features along with smooth functioning and a stable, bug-free user experience. Additionally, using incompatible and inconsistent software is hugely demotivating and tedious for employees, thus making them lose focus and feel inefficient at work.
  21. The availability of such beneficial features plays a substantial role in aiding all departments of the organization and helping the employees boost their daily performance significantly.
  22. Reliable and Secure
  23. Creating tailor-made software includes a thorough understanding of the client’s demands, the hidden risks, and security hazards. Therefore, custom software ensures top-notch security standards to store confidential company data, keeping cyber threats in mind.
  24. Additionally, it provides comfort and peace of mind to the employees to ensure that the data is not stolen or damaged, thus increasing enthusiasm at work.
  25. Therefore, investing in tailor-made software provides you with a wide range of security features specially customized according to your unique business needs.
  26. Cost-Effectivity
  27. The preconceived notion of bespoke software being a lot more expensive than ready-made software is untrue. While the final price of the two products may have a significant difference, the latter comes with a range of recurring costs and hidden fees, which makes it less profitable to invest in for the long run.
  28. Additionally, if the software requires modification, ready-made apps might not suit your company since customizing COTS applications, if allowed by the developer, results in loss of functionality and is very expensive.
  29. Exclusive Ownership
  30. COTS applications provide you with licensed packages with a set validity and expiration date, along with the parent company having complete control of the software. However, tailor-made software guarantees you unlimited, lifetime access along with its exclusive ownership, with no extra investment or hidden regulations. This gives you the freedom to personalize the software and make changes to it to leverage it better for your business.


The dependence of businesses on utility software has grown immensely in recent years due to the convenience, enhancement of productivity, innovation, and easy functionality they provide. From providing automation for the workflow to streamlining business processes and managing resources, the use of software has eased the workload and increased overall efficiency and productivity across various industries.

The dependency is such that today it is impossible to imagine a company functioning without the help of software applications, be it COTS or Custom software.

To conclude, COTS applications are an excellent option for budding businesses that require general-purpose functionality in software with no serious requirements for personalization and customization. For immediate use with zero modifications, they can be cost-effective and efficient in managing the administration of your company.

However, for innovative businesses that need unique solutions and additional personalized features from security to data management, choosing a tailor-made software solution is highly recommended.

We understand choosing the perfect software for your company can be time-consuming and confusing. And we are here to help! Reach out to us, and we promise to solve all your software-related queries with our team of senior engineers.

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