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CognitiveClouds receives outstanding recognition on Clutch!

Nisha Gopinath Menon
June 28, 2018

Performance, quality, respect, and dedication are what make companies stand out on the worldwide stage. Technologies and client demands are changing fast, and only the best of the best can answer the new call of the modern age. It’s not enough to simply claim that we at CognitiveClouds are that kind of company, so we’d rather allow our achievements speak for themselves.

In a recent annual press release, Clutch named us among the top app developers in Bengaluru, a top 30 web developer in India, and a top 100 mobile app development company on their sister website, The Manifest.

Clutch is an independent third party reviewer of more than 7,000 B2B agencies in 500+ categories around the world. The most valuable part of their research is their one-on-one phone calls with clients; the feedback and ratings they receive on these calls is published on each vendor’s Clutch profile, allowing potential buyers to read detailed reviews from past and current clients. This manifests as the company becomes more experienced on Clutch and as more clients are called. So far, we are proud to say that our clients are happy with how we do our work!

Our most recent 5-star Clutch reviewer had the following positive praise to share about our partnership:

They’re open to feedback and are very responsive. If we tell them something needs to be changed, they fix it quickly. They’re eager to make sure that what they’re building is exactly what we need. Since they’re not in our office, it’s important that they have their finger on the pulse. If we need to call after hours, they’re willing to adjust their schedule.

Forbes went even as far to say that buyers “trust the wisdom of thousands of previous buyers a lot more than the friendly salesperson who keeps calling or emailing them” (read the rest of the article here) which is why a platform like Clutch is so important to us.

We look forward to the opportunities that will open to us as a result of these achievements, and hope that they have spoken for themselves!

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Nisha Gopinath Menon