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Dive Deep: Top 7 Emerging Software Development Trends in 2019

Prasanna Gopinath
July 10, 2019

We expect every year to be better than the previous. Things are always changing and it’s just like the old saying: “change is the only constant in this planet”. Industries can’t resist this as well. Today, the driving force of innovations tends to be technology. However, it’s so unpredictable that forecasts are getting harder and harder to make.

New trends come out in the digital world every day. In order to satisfy users needs, software development companies should keep up with every single one of them. In fact, there are over 4 billion internet users, so what better way for a business to reach out to many potential customers.

There is no doubt that the IT industry has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. According to Gartner it will continue to increase with over 8% in 2019.

Back in 2018, we saw many predictions of where software development will be heading in 2019. Now that we’re halfway through it, let's have a look at what is actually happening in the industry by listing the top 7 emerging software development trends in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

AI stands for the intelligence displayed by machines to mimic that of humans and perform cognitive functions like the ability to learn, collect and analyze data, solve problems and even understand emotions. We’re in the year when the need for this multi-task automation and analytics solution will become more prevalent.

We already see how AI-based inventions like virtual assistants or chatbots are helping business engagement and transform the way we interact with our devices.

Artificial Intelligence now reaches education, banking, healthcare, and way more industries. It provides improved task completion and simplifies working processes. We see more companies taking machine learning development services as a necessity.

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is the combination of Virtual and Augmented reality. Its market size is expected to expand drastically in the next few years. Statista forecasts that in 2023 it’s going to be ten times larger than today or roughly about $160 billion.

With the help of smartphone apps, Augmented Reality has become widely known. The increased popularity of smaller devices pushes companies to invest in innovative applications that mostly include AR.

Mixed reality is now used by Walmart for the purpose of employee training in customer service. It’s also becoming a part of the US army training programs.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web applications are the hybrid of mobile and web ones. They have almost nothing in common with regular mobile apps. Because of their ease of development and a rather short time to market, they attract lots of businesses on a tighter budget. This has caused many of the best custom software development companies to start thinking in that direction as well

They are perfect if you’re seeking easier distribution and want to reach as many people as possible. Another advantage is that they load very fast even with low internet speed.


Internet of Things includes many categories of devices that are connected to the internet. IoT is steadily becoming a factor to be reckoned with in 2019 and will certainly continue to be even more prevalent.

For reference, in 2018 there were about 23 billion devices connected and we can see that the numbers are still going up strong. These applications have now spread to both consumer and industrial domains.

Motion UI

Recently we see a great demand for interactive web design. That’s exactly what Motion UI can provide. Its dynamic graphics and amazing animations have a great impact on usability. It gives developers the opportunity to tell a story through the web page while communicating with the viewer using a variety of tools.

Motion UI catches the attention of the user and engages them. Its sustainable library allows seamless transition effects. Many of the best software developers and designers use Motion UI, because of its ability to animate content and to create the most engaging experience.

Code Quality

The constantly evolving technology shifts the focus on the quality of codes. In 2019 it’s essential to keep up with the programming techniques. As unfortunate as it may sound, low code development is one of the important challenges in contemporary software development.

The type of employees you have decides the code quality and structure in order to deliver optimum outcomes. Web development companies should have solid strategies to be sure that the output is always optimal.


It wouldn’t be a complete software development trends list if we don’t talk about cybersecurity. We’re used to securing our homes, vehicles, and everything that we find valuable. It’s an essential part of our lives. Security issues spread to business as well. Cybersecurity is now a primary concern for software developers.

Cybercriminals won’t stop looking for vulnerabilities and potential victims. Business and individuals need to strengthen their security systems to protect sensitive data. Hackers always find new ways to steal information. That’s why developers should provide innovative solutions to fight these challenges.

Final Thoughts

There are always new software development trends popping up because the market is just so dynamic. New technologies are being invented as we speak and the industry needs to adapt, hence the birth of the plentitude of trends.

We’ve listed some of the development trends for 2019 and as a top software development company we can guarantee that there are plenty of other things to be considered besides them.

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