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Top Software Developers Outsourcing 2019

Nisha Gopinath Menon
July 1, 2019

CognitiveClouds is a leading software outsourcing solutions firm for start-ups, enterprises, and SMBs. We work hard to ensure we have to hire only the top 5% most qualified software engineers in the IT industry from its over 10,000 yearly applicants. We stand out thanks to the time we have spent cultivating a Design Thinking mindset, following 5 essential steps: connect, establish, ideate, prototype, and test. Every employee of CognitiveClouds swears by these ideals regardless of the department they work in. We empower clients' business by establishing relationships with stakeholders and through innovative enterprise solutions with knowledge, imagination, and experience in making use of technologies to make projects successful. We are a team of innovative, hardworking thinkers leading the development and strategies for application development.

CognitiveClouds aims to build websites with a flawless user experience which have user-centric products. And we have managed to out do our briefs and this is why we're known as a Top Custom Software Development Company. It further renders services such as custom application development, custom e-commerce, API development, enterprise web app development, intranet applications, enterprise content management, smart ITES solutions, and B2B portal. We offer full-cycle custom software development ready to satisfy the needs of any company, with a time and materials basis or a fixed cost. Leveraging the quality of one's software products is now achievable with CognitiveCloud's team of +80 experienced QA engineers. Our Cloud Computing services help businesses drive business transformation and innovation by lowering costs,  increasing business agility, and reducing IT complexity.

As Top Software Developers we can help you build impressive apps to create a wonderful user experience for firms to improve business processes and increase productivity. We are also focused on giving customers an experience that will enhance engagement and interaction with the brand. Other areas of expertise include blockchain consulting, UI/UX Design, maintenance and support, data science, Internet of Things, and MVP development services.

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Nisha Gopinath Menon