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Entrepreneur's Guide: 7 Tips to Create a M-Commerce Application

Prasanna Gopinath
August 21, 2019

With the number of mobile users surpassing 3 billion, the demands and expectations for smartphones are growing as well. Shopping has always been the people's favorite. And what is the better and easier way to shop than using your mobile device?

Modern consumers care about convenience. A lot! In the era of digital transformation, the brick and mortar stores are slowly but surely going mobile and digital. It has allowed users to shop in the comfort of their homes. E-Commerce has exploded, and retailers are making use of it like there's no tomorrow. The rapid advancements in the sector prove that people appreciate all of its advantages and indulge in it like second nature.

Looking at the numbers: the mobile share of e-Commerce stood at 63,5%, or $1,8 trillion last year. Furthermore, in 2021, mobile e-Commerce could increase to $3,5 and make up 72,9% of online sales in general.

M-Commerce applications have now commemorated the once-revolutionary e-Commerce websites. Supermarkets and shopping centers are now more like places to hangout or do "window shopping." With all that said, let's get to the entrepreneur's guide and point out some tips to create an e-Commerce application.

Yes, You Could Have An E-Commerce Mobile App As Well

M-Commerce apps aren't just for giants in the industry, such as Amazon. If you want to run a successful retail business or already have one but want to widen your horizons than e-Commerce mobile app could be your perfect investment. Furthermore, it could help you grow worldwide by targeting customers from around the globe. Today, more and more businesses are looking for mobile commerce app development. Naturally, startups are emerging by the minute.

When creating a mobile commerce app, you need to consider the features you want to involve. They are the reflection of your USP. They are a deciding factor for your app's success. Hence, it's essential to plan the features before developing your m-Commerce app carefully.

Things To Consider

There are many things you should take care of from the very beginning of the development process. Some are accessibility and navigation; the way communication will flow between the platform and customers, and many more.

A great way to make sure you take the right decision is exploring your potential competitors. Get inspired to build something more elaborate in terms of what you provide. Don't rush through any step. Take your time, do your research, and ensure you provide a quality product. Don't be afraid to rip off competition, make sure you're always building on whatever it is that it provides. Always try to stay ahead and you can rest assured that you'll eventually stand on top.

Quick Tips For Creating A Successful M-Commerce App

Here are seven tips for building an e-Commerce app, that users are going to love.

A Simplified Sign Up Process

If you require too much information for signing up, users might get annoyed and frustrated and delete your app. You can't afford to waste their precious time. Make sure the registration process is as simple as possible.

It would be best if you enable social media signup, which takes just two taps, and users are ready to shop. What's more, it's an excellent opportunity to learn about them and their preferences by their social media profiles.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to fill the gap of communication with your customers. They are among the essential features of a successful e-Commerce mobile app development.

Notifications improve customer engagement by keeping them informed about special offers, sales, or discounts. It keeps them coming back for more. However, you should be careful with your push notification strategy, as too many messages might annoy users and make them generally disable the feature or worse - delete the app.

Multiple Payment Options

Different customers have different preferences. If you want more of them, you need to provide every payment option you could think of. Missing on some may lead to the loss of many potential customers.

Being the smart owner that you are, you have to offer every payment option possible, like debit, credit cards, online banking, and most importantly, e-wallets. Also, persuade your customers to use your app's wallet.

Allow Reviews And Ratings

Don't be afraid of getting bad reviews or poor ratings. Instead, open up and learn from criticism. Moreover, you need to empower customers to leave a review or rate a specific product. Such give you a good sense of realization.

Keep in mind that you should remove negative feedback, even after you fixed the issue. Instead, thank the reviewer and share how you managed to deal with the problem. It will not only make them feel more important but will look way better in the eyes of other users reading the reviews, making your brand more trustworthy.

Social Media Integration

As an entrepreneur, we're sure you want all the people's attention. What better way to receive it than social media. Your demand is wholly justified, considering that you're running a business.

As we mentioned one-tap social media sign up is great and saves time. Furthermore, it integration ensures that as many consumers as possible know about your e-Commerce mobile app. An excellent social media presence also helps them share discounts, which could be a superb word-of-mouth promotion.


A customer has found out a great product on your e-Commerce mobile app. However, they need to wait until payday to buy it. That's when the wishlist button comes in hand.

Having a wishlist feature could sometimes be a savior to your sales. It allows customers to save a product they'd like to buy after some time. What's more, it's an easy way to get to know your user's preferences and provide them with more personalized offers.

Easy and Secure Checkout

Customers have spent their energy on choosing products and adding them to the cart. After that comes the main process, which is the payment. A seductive UI design for m-Commerce will provide the easiest checkout possible while making users feel secure as well.

It's essential to take customers through payment getaways fast, or they might abandon their cart, which is the last thing you'd want. Customers prefer online shopping mostly because it's fast and easy, so don't make them wait.

You’re All Set

With the fierce competition in mobile commerce nowadays, you need to stand out to gain success. Our short guide can help you with that. Don't forget that the customer-first approach is the most important thing. Making users feel like you genuinely understand them will increase your engagement rate significantly.

Providing a valuable product to consumers for the money they spend using your mobile commerce app is what matters most for winning over your users. The best user experience is needed if you want them to get back on your app frequently. Combined with seamless functionality, navigation, and highest quality customer services, it's all you m-Commerce app needs to top the charts in no time.

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