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How AR and VR Can Revolutionize E-Commerce App Development

Prasanna Gopinath
June 23, 2019

Real Value of VR and AR

The idea of e-Commerce has started from the aspiration to keep things simple and available. Today we got used to the quick processes of ordering almost anything and delivering to the doorstep.

E-Commerce is the digitalization of paper catalogs. There is no need to leave the couch, to go out and buy things. The Internet has changed the approach and types of purchases, not to mention its dynamics. Shopping at home is easy, fast and available 24/7.

The e-Commerce itself has been impacted by comparatively recent technology of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). it is important to understand the difference between AR and VR

On the one hand, VR is the new, digital world number of alternative realities and scenarios. Virtual reality is a digital environment that replaces real-world reality. It opens up the opportunity to build up a digital twin and live in a made up world. VR is the basis in the gaming industry, but it’s extremely useful in e-Commerce as well.

On the other hand, AR is the layering of the real-life world with additional data. It is the combination of real-world reality with preferable additional objects which belong to digital reality. These tools have already impacted aspects of human life and now its turn of e-Commerce.

Owing to these innovative technologies, everyone has the opportunity to use VR and AR. A buyer can see objects, move them, see if they fit the office or house and eventually to buy them, much like in real life.

So How to Shop Using AR and VR?

VR and AR is the possibility to test products distantly before the purchase. For example, an CEO of a company plans on renting an office in a new open space, yet it’s under reconstruction and not ready yet. VR tour shows the working environment at its best, while AR shows how a team and office items fit the space. Such approach fastens the whole process of long-term renting or buying retail.

With the help of AR and VR shopping experience becomes personalized. In other words, purchases might be of a preferred shape, color and size. Using AR or VR reality, a customer can check out products virtually via smartphone, tablet or any other device using e-Commerce apps.

When it comes to online shopping, a customer can order delivery online or even use a drone to pick the purchase up and deliver it to a doorbell within an hour. In the world of commerce, this is an undoubtful revolution with benefits for sellers and buyers altogether. This progress is possible due to e-Commerce app development and its popularity.

The digital experience moved the world of purchases and sales to a completely different stage. Thanks to e-Commerce development any potential consumer is several clicks away from the purchasing a watch or renting a house for a weekend.

While e-Commerce is buying and selling online, another branch m-Commerce is the process of purchasing via a mobile device. It is convenient, quick and in most cases save. The smartphone is the only deceive that everyone owns and carries around. This fact makes it the main type of connection with clients directly.

Currently, almost every famous brand has a website and mobile application to promote products or services and increase sales. Amazon, Capital One, Domino’s, Lowe’s, all of them are interested in the mCommerce app development. Any mCommerce app development company can offer “try before you buy experience” to customers and turn them into potential or returning ones. People can test products being at home before they click “purchase”.

Wrapping Up

The development of the Internet and tech industry has changed the landscape of business, marketing and sales. Currently, everything has its digital version. Plus, it’s never been easier to buy, order, hire or contact anyone within seconds. e-Commerce and m-Commerce are upgraded analogs sales. The dynamics of development proves that in 3-5 years we might have another type of commerce, which can be even faster or more convenient than ever. If you have any E-commerce Software Development needs, we can help.

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