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9 reasons enterprises are embracing AngularJS for responsive web application development

Amit Ashwini
February 10, 2017

Without a doubt, AngularJS has gained major traction in the world of web development in the past few years. Many enterprises are now starting to embrace AngularJS as a viable choice for new projects that are outside of the realm of greenfield development. Since so many enterprises are looking to replace their inefficient internal processes, AngularJS is becoming widely adopted as a replacement for enterprise applications. If you're interested in AngularJS for your own purposes, here is why enterprises are embracing it for responsive web application development.

1. AngularJS optimizes security of responsive web applications.

Without a doubt, a huge concern for any organization that is replacing or altering an existing product is security. Many enterprises are concerned that the introduction of new technology will also introduce new security holes to their IT infrastructure. Fortunately, this concern isn't as poignant when it comes to the Angular environment. The main point of Angular is to present rather than process data. An Angular application will typically use a HTTPS interface to communicate with servers. The HTTPS interface could be in the form of a simple web service or even a RESTful API. The data obtained is presented to the screen by the Angular application.

Therefore, to secure an AngularJS application, all an enterprise needs to do is follow the good security measures that you are already following. For example, you want to ensure that all sessions on the server are secure and you want to guard against abnormal calling patterns and injection attacks.

If your enterprise wants to expose the Angular front-end to a greater population, there are many mechanisms you can put in place to avoid cross-site scripting attacks. The $http module of Angular provides CSRF protection, though you will need to do server work to support functionality. You will find that Angular supports strict expression evaluation and will allow you to utilize strict contextual escaping. This should reduce your concerns when it comes to client-side security. AngularJS is incredibly flexible so you will also be able to implement third-party security libraries like OAuth.

2. AngularJS allows you to leverage your existing data.

One of the main advantages of AngularJS is that it doesn't have any restrictions when it comes to the underlying data management system. AngularJS applications are usually implemented through the use of RESTful APIs which allow users to access the underlying database. If you use internal APIs that are already in existence, you can use an Angular application to replace existing frontend code. This permits you to re-use server-side security easily and quickly. Also, if the application you want to replace was built with a web application framework like Rails or Django, then the switch will be as easy and fast as a front-end swap. This will make it very easy to improve the performance of your website with the directive-based implementation style of Angular.

3. AngularJS allows you to manage access.

One concern that many enterprises have when it comes to augmenting an application for the use of AngularJS is whether it can utilize existing security procedures to maintain the level-of-access restrictions as mandated by departmental guidelines. Fortunately, due to the flexibility of AngularJS, there are many options that you can take advantage of to integrate the existing domain systems into the security flow and login of the application. Since AngularJS is only a client-side inclusion, you cannot take advantage of this functionality without supplemental libraries. Fortunately, there are many supplemental libraries like Idapjs that will allow you to implement single sign-on via interaction between libraries and AngularJS. You can utilize these external libraries by incorporating some code and doing a security review to identify any introduced vulnerabilities.

4. AngularJS allows you to create web applications quickly and with less effort

A huge reason so many enterprises are embracing AngularJS for responsive web application development is because it allows them to create web applications quickly and with less effort. AngularJS features the ng-class and ng-model directives, which encompasses many of the common operations in jQuery. In AngularJS, two-way data binding and saving the data to the server takes very few lines. On the other hand, in jQuery, the same task would require the creation of an object as well as the use of many click and event handlers. In terms of convenience, the transition from watching events and elements to watching a model is a huge step in the right direction.

5. Web applications made with AngularJS are usually more maintainable

Yet another advantage of AngularJS for enterprises is that it usually results in web applications that are more maintainable. Once you make a web application, your work is far from over. You will have to return to the web application to make changes and fix bugs and issues over time. Therefore, you want to develop your web application so that it is easy to maintain from the get-go.

AngularJS encourages the use of a model as the source, which in turn encourages you to think in terms of object oriented design for the client-side. This permits you to remember the object oriented design principles that make web applications easier to maintain.

6. AngularJS boosts the testability of your web application

Over time, you will need to make changes to your web application to boost performance and address any issues. However, if your web application is difficult to test, you may not be able to identify the issues or areas where there is room for improvement. A huge advantage of AngularJS for enterprises is that it boosts the testability of the web application. Dependency injection is the core of AngularJS, which explains why it is so areas to test. Testing is included in every tutorial step for AngularJS on its official website. Therefore, it can actually be difficult not to test with AngularJS.

7. AngularJS encourage good programming practices

AngularJS, without a doubt, makes for a good web application all around. This is because AngularJS encourages good programming practices. Some of the many benefits of following the basic usage guidelines for AngularJS include model as a source of truth, REST API connection to servers, dependency injection, and the ability to make directives that are able to decorate elements for shareable and reusable components.

8. AngularJS allows easier collaboration with other people.

Yet another advantage of AngularJS for responsive web application development is that it allows for easy collaboration with other people. Without a doubt, anyone who has developed object-oriented MVC software for the server side is familiar with using models as a source of truth. Therefore, AngularJS is easy to learn and use for the vast majority of web developers.

Developers can easily share the components that they have created with AngularJS thanks to dependency injections. In fact, this ability has been the cause of a lot of excitement in the developer community. Many existing projects now have AngularJS directive bridge libraries that allow you to use an AngularJS directive to use the code with new functionality.

9. AngularJS facilities proficiency in a reasonable amount of time.

Web developers can become proficient in AngularJS in just a few weeks. Not only will this speed up the web application development process, but it will also reduce the cost of web development. A web developer can become familiar with the best practices of AngularJS quickly. The reason AngularJS is so easy to learn is because it is similar to many other programming JavaScript frameworks, such as jQuery, jQuery UI, and Backbone.js. Essentially, as long as you now how to code in JavaScript, you should have no problem picking up AngularJS.

As you can see, there are many reasons why enterprises are embracing AngularJS for responsive web application development. Without a doubt, AngularJS will become even more popular in the web development world with time.

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