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Product Strategy

Top .Net Developers 2019

Nisha Gopinath Menon
July 10, 2019

CognitiveClouds is a full-cycle software solution provider for small and middle-sized businesses based out of San Fransisco, United States, Singapore, and India. We are a team of over 100 specialists with expertise in .Net, JavaScript frameworks, Python, PHP, Android, iOS and Cloud, delivering digital solutions for Healthcare, Finance, Education, e-Commerce, Logistics, and IoT business domains. We are glad to have featured in the top .Net developer's list of DesignRush for 2019. Based on your budget and business needs, we come up with the best strategies for go-to-market and product maintainability. We deliver the finished product on time, providing a high-quality code build on efficient communication.

An equally strong management team complements our experienced technical team, who have spent more than a decade working across Canada and the US in a wide range of management and analytic capacities. Leveraging our experience, we understand the context of your business requirements and deliver a sustainable IT solution faster than most. We professionally manage all our projects mitigating the business analysis and project management risks associated with offshore development. At CognitiveClouds, our clients are our partners. We believe in fewer more intimate client relationships and sustained organic growth in our business.

We have experts who have average 10+ years of Industry experience & offers software services with equal or better quality than its high-end competition at a fair price point. Clients select us for our ability to solve problems fast, industry expertise, global presence, access to an unrivaled talent pool, and track record of delivering measurable results. We have helped many firms successfully launch their projects. We can’t wait to partner with you in your next endeavor.

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Nisha Gopinath Menon