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Top Trends For Android App Development in 2019

Prasanna Gopinath
June 12, 2019

Android app development trends are undoubtedly a hot topic among anyone affected by the presence of technology. Moreover, people are becoming more and more tech-conscious with every year that passes by.

However, before looking at some of the hottest Android app development trends in 2019, it's important to make a few generalizations.

Right off the bat, if there is something common in every single successful mobile app it's the great idea behind it. Nevertheless, this idea doesn't necessarily need to be one single thing. In fact, there are plenty of components to consider in order to compose them into something that can be considered a good idea.

Hence, before you decide to embark on the adventure that is Android app development, it's perhaps better to answer some of the following questions:

  • What do you expect your mobile app to do?
  • What problems will it solve for your audience?
  • What is your target audience?
  • What is the best way you can develop your mobile app?

And here's where the Android app development, as well as the mobile app development trends,  kick in. If you're in line with the recent trends and what's to come next, you'll be better suited to answering all of the above accurately, objectively, and precisely. So let's jump right at it.

Trend #1 Internet of Things (IoT)  

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fairly novel concept based on the interconnectivity of devices, allowing them to interact with each other while being (or not) controlled remotely.

It paves the way for a broad range of different features, including but not limited to:

  • Safety
  • Energy efficiency
  • Connectivity
  • Enhanced sensing

In light of Android app development, IoT is an important factor to consider as we can already see the emergence of a large number of home automation companies, smart cars, smart devices, and whatnot.

Trend #2 Cloud-Based Mobile Apps  

Almost every Android app development company pays special attention to cloud-based technology because of the increasing demand of Cloud technologies. The latter lessens the overall load to access data and it can also gravely reduce operational costs.

Some of the top features of Cloud-based mobile apps include elevated security, increased data space, as well as enhanced flexibility.

Trend #3 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI, ML)  

Perhaps one of the hottest trends on the block in 2019 is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Artificial intelligence is also likely to be one of the most discussed topics amongst everyone in the tech space, perhaps posing more questions than answers. Broadly, artificial intelligence entails that a computer system would be able to perform actions which normally require human interaction, on its own. These can include a broad range of different things such as speech recognition, decision making, visual perception, translation, and whatnot.

Artificial intelligence, however, is currently generating quite a bit of unrealistic expectations. Plenty of mobile apps and websites call themselves "AI-powered" without showcasing any actual capabilities.

Chatbots, however, are becoming more and more popular and they are the perfect representation of simple AI capabilities. It's now a lot easier for mobile app developers to integrate chatbots on their websites and their apps. It's also likely that we will see chatbots becoming more like virtual assistants in the recent future.

Trend #4 Android Jetpack  

Of course, the Android Jetpack can't go unnoticed when speaking about Android app development trends in 2019.

It represents a set of tools, components, as well as guidance on building effective and particularly well-optimized Android-based applications.

One of the main perks that Jetpack comes with is the fact that it allows applications to run on all versions of the Android platform because of the independent functionality, as well as backward compatibility.

Some of the key components which are associated with Jetpack include the WorkManager, Paging, Navigation, Kotlin Extensions, Slices, and others of the kind.

In any case, being aware of the current trends when it comes to Android app development, will enable you to further consider additional important factors such as the UI/UX design of your Android-based app.

If you're considering to venture in the field of Android app development but you still look for additional guidance and help, don't hesitate to get in touch and get a free consultation on the matter.

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