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What & How of Google Assistant

Nisha Gopinath Menon
July 21, 2017

In the past few years, the buzz about conversational experiences and digital assistants has increased. As you can see above, eMarketer is predicting that 87% of B2C marketers in the US will use chatbots and digital assistants in their marketing efforts by 2021.

We can see these days that conversational computing and digital assistants represent a new fundamental computing wave that brands can use more.

A big misconception is that the Google Assistant is ‘just’ for Google Home or other smart speakers.

It’s also on mobile (Android and iOS) devices (over 100+ millions devices) and in many other devices.

So your users are there already and you can reach to them without any friction. You can see it live at this “Examples page”. If you click on the ‘Assistant App’ buttons on your mobile device, you will see it in action.

The conversations users are having with the Assistant are not just about things that could be answered on Google Search. The Assistant helps with more than getting information — it helps you get things done.

From enjoying music and movies, ordering pizza and making restaurant reservations to controlling your smart devices and calling your best friend, the Google Assistant helps everyone be more productive in their world.

Btw, if you would like to create an app for the Assistant you can follow this tutorial or even try something quick and fun without coding.

In case you wish to learn more, here are the slides from a talk I gave yesterday at UX Next Palo Alto.

It covers the platform from both angles of ‘why’ should you care and ‘how’ you can develop your apps on it. On slide #5 you have a nice short clip that shows the power of the assistant.

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