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Yahoo partners with CognitiveClouds as they venture into App Install Ads with Gemini

Nisha Gopinath Menon
July 4, 2018

Yahoo is catching up with the tech giants, Facebook, Twitter, and Google in the app install ads space. One of AppsFlyer's integrated partners, Yahoo Gemini offers native and search advertising in a single advertising platform. Yahoo Gemini is the only marketplace that provides search and native advertising in one advertising platform. Gemini empowers you with premium brand-safe content, insightful data, and advanced technologies. As a result, Gemini delivers engaging native and search advertising campaigns which really push user acquisition results. No wonder we were so excited to work with them on their native version.

App install ads can benefit advertisers in many ways. With this type of ad, you can easily calculate your return on investment for each campaign with fundamental metrics. Moreover, the mobile has greater targeting capabilities, especially when you consider social. Advertisers with managed accounts in the U.S. can now use Yahoo Gemini to advertise their apps across the Yahoo network, potentially reaching more than 550 million monthly mobile users. Through Yahoo Recommends, the ads will also show up on premium content sites, a technology that delivers personalized content recommendations and native ads to users.

App Features

Gemini delivers a 30-second, full-screen video ad, along with a full-screen end card. This end card contains a call to action to download the application from the app store and a close button that returns the user to the app in which they saw the ad.

Based on interest categories and suggested keywords you can target ads, or choose your own. These ads show up on Yahoo search, sites and apps.

You can choose from a variety of ad formats to help you get your message across in a non-intrusive way. You can also import campaigns from Google AdWords. By re-initiating the account sync, every change made on Google AdWords, including budgets, bids, and keywords, can be instantly reflected on Yahoo Gemini.

By selecting products from the catalog that you want to promote, you can smoothly create the ads you envision. Alternatively, based on your top-selling products, you can let us auto-generate ads for you.

The algorithms automatically adjust your bids by continuously monitoring what's bringing in revenue to maximize your return on investment.

Get detailed reports including data on visitors, page views, and sales from your campaign, and more, all without any additional setup.

Yahoo Gemini runs on all operating systems iOS 9 and above. The Xcode 9+ came in handy here and the language we relied on was Swift 4+. We have integrated Action on speech (like what we’ve come to expect from Siri) to yahoo app with the help of Aiqudo SDK.

You need over 7,000 downloads a day to get ranked in the top 25 in an App Store within the popular social networking category. While you'll need to target more than 35,000 downloads per day to break into the top 25 apps category. Paid app install ads help you cross the early, seemingly impossible line required to rank well on the App Store and making it easier to acquire organic traffic. Yahoo Gemini was born out of a desire to make the whole app install ads process easier for advertisers. For this reason and more it was a joy to work on this project. If you’re working on something along the same lines and could use a helping hand, or just a guiding voice, we’re right here.

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Nisha Gopinath Menon