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4 major ways technology is improving healthcare

Nisha Gopinath Menon
April 2, 2019

The health-care industry is seen by most as ripe for disruption. Its complexity and inefficiency are apparent to providers and patients alike. Consumer technology giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon have made it clear that they’re interested in shaking things up. Typically tech companies that have managed to disrupt industries, from taxis to bookstores, have done it by transforming the consumer experience. Even though efforts to upend health care, in the same way, face a significant challenge, since most consumers engage with the system infrequently and their choices tend to be superseded by health insurance plans and doctors, consumer experience still holds the key to shaking things up. That’s where we come in.

The challenge

Health-tech tools are proliferating the market, but the health-care landscape remains littered with digital walled gardens. You can find a doctor on one website, but you'll have to log onto another site to find out whether your plan covers the physician. You could be searching for specific symptoms, but you still can't expect to automatically be served information linked to its benefits, advising you on where you can go and how much it would cost. Currently, the industry is working towards being more receptive to consumer-centric solutions.

Don't take the lack of technology in healthcare to be the lack of the technology itself. There are enough companies who have developed brilliant ways to improve patient care and clinician workflows. The issue is, the healthcare industry relies on legacy systems that aren’t compatible with today’s technology. Overhauling an entire sector to be more technologically advanced won't prove to be easy. Until then, we can help you navigate the landscape to find considerably more consumer-focused solutions rooted in ground reality.

Why us?

The healthcare IT industry is currently facing a changing regulatory environment, significant cost pressures, and rising consumer expectations. To keep up with evolving customer needs, healthcare technology companies will have to enhance their existing enterprise applications like RCMs & EHRs and look for new ways to reduce time-to-market while still delivering high value. You'll also need to keep up with next-generation capabilities with the help of emerging technologies like cloud computing, Big Data, mobile health, AI, Machine Learning and predictive analytics.

We can partner with you to accelerate innovation through healthcare technology platforms, specialized solutions, accelerators, and proficiencies. Our dedicated healthcare teams perform end-to-end application development, drive technology transformation initiatives (Cloud, DevOps, and mobile health) and build enterprise BI/analytics solutions. With our cutting-edge technology expertise and world-class service quality, CognitiveClouds, at an unmatched price advantage to healthcare organizations worldwide, consistently brings you the best-in-class solutions.

Solution Highlights

Healthcare has always used data, but new types of data and ways of collecting it will impact the customer experience. We can help you build automated systems that comb through vast amounts of data in real time to give your patients the best experience. Human API is a platform we worked on that allows users to securely share their health data with developers of health applications and systems. The data network includes medical records from hospitals, blood pressure measurements captured by digital cuffs, activity data recorded by pedometers, and more. It also takes care of the data synchronizations with third party data sources, user management for user identities across all data sources, and processes and normalizes the data over a secure, HIPAA compliant, RESTful API. CognitiveClouds designed and developed a highly scalable backend platform, data-aware APIs and developer, and data management portal. We’ve also developed SDKs and libraries for various other platforms.

With data comes the power to personalize the healthcare experience. Today we can create completely personalized experiences for every user of yours. We’ve worked on the Nightingales Home Health Services application which offers booking services, appointment tracking, billing details, access to reports, provision to add family members on the app, book services for those family members and more. Nightingales went ahead to raise a substantial amount later.

Telemedicine software platforms provide a better patient experience and allow doctors to see more patients in a given shift. While some telemedicine solutions are hard for elderly and technically inept people to use, modern telemedicine software like the solution we built for Nova Telehealth enables patients to join a telemedicine consultation from any laptop, desktop, or mobile device in just a few clicks. Modern approaches to telemedicine are paving the way for better patient experiences and shorter wait times.

An overwhelming 94% of healthcare executives stated in a recent survey that they plan to implement smart technology in their organizations. We’re not surprised. CognitiveClouds has worked on a mobile-first medical case notes application and seen the difference a single smart tool can make to practitioners. Klinify enabled doctors to take medical case notes with a digital pen and tablet. Most Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems don’t let doctors take handwritten notes even though they prefer to take notes by hand since it’s faster. Klinify allows doctors to review prescriptions, clinical notes, vitals, medical histories, X-rays and lab results all in one place. Anatomical diagrams, blood data sheets, and checklists can all be imported into Klinify to review with patients. Further, a machine learning system helps doctors prescribe medications faster by automatically filling them out. Klinify was able to close a substantial amount of deals with doctors and medical clinics after we delivered their first version Android product.

Daily Rounds is a medical journal we worked on that allows doctors and students to read clinical cases edited by top MDs for free. Daily Rounds partnered with CognitiveClouds to leverage our experience in designing and developing medical and social networking apps. Our team redesigned and re-engineered their existing Daily Rounds’ Android app and built their first version iOS app. The native mobile apps we crafted allowed MDs to test their understanding of clinical cases by taking quizzes that scored them depending on the number of questions they answered correctly. By reviewing a new medical case each day, medical professionals can now continue their education. A few months after launch, Daily Rounds crossed 200,000 downloads across its iOS and Android devices.

The key to tech adoption in healthcare will come from companies that cultivate a deep understanding of complicated health care issues before working on their solutions. People that bring in their expertise from other industries realize too late that things don't necessarily translate equally well into another industry. We’ve been continuously working on tools and methods that are consumer-focused enough to drive adoption in an industry that isn’t designed to accept new tools readily. If you’re passionate about driving change in the health-tech space and need help with Software Development for Healthcare, we would love to partner you on your journey.

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